Why the 10 Minute Mini-Session Can't be Beat!

September 26, 2015

The family Mini-Session has gained popularity in our busy parenting lifestyles.  You can meet Grandma for breakfast, go home, change the kids and brush their hair, hit the park for your family Mini-Session and still have time for a classmate's birthday party and soccer practice.  While the rigors of modern  parenting require massive time commitments for activities and social schedules, there is also a demand for the picture perfect representation of your family each year for the holidays.

The 10 minute Mini-Session can't be beat and here's why:

1- Children have a limited attention span.  Anything for a small child can cease being fun after 10 to 15 minutes, even painting or swinging.

2- Spending lots of time and money on a photo shoot equals lots of stress and high expectations for mom and dad.  The perfect picture of someone else's family doesn't show the chaos behind the curtain. 

3- Photos stay fresh when the shoot is fast and everyone keeps moving.

4- Maybe mom or dad doesn't like their picture being taken, but anyone can force a smile for a 10 minute time commitment.  

5- Not everyone is willing to spend $300 for a sitting.  Most families would rather spend money on prints with quality shots of the entire family.

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